«We don’t give acting advice, but we do give advice on labour law and social security provision.»

Social Insurance

Social security in Switzerland, as the name implies, is intended to provide social security for the population.

It consists of historically evolved, mostly obligatory, insurance designed to cover various risks.

Please take note of the leaflet Social Security in Switzerland published by the Federal Social Insurance Office and State Secretariat for Economic Affairs.

The following are various types of insurance / benefits:

For more detailed information pertaining to each individual type of insurance, please go to the links provided. There you will also find other tips and suggestions. This is information that is repeatedly requested in our consulting practice.

Overview of Social Security Contributions

(in German only)

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Please also consult the website of the Federal Social Insurance Office for further information.

Pension Funds for Freelancers and Self-employed

Overview of health insurance premiums (basic insurance premiums, period for giving notice of cancellation, potential savings)

Basic health insurance premiums EU/EFTA (in German only)

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