«We don’t give acting advice, but we do give advice on labour law and social security provision.»

Minimum Salaries / Guidelines for advertising productions

Salaries for employees at theaters (established in collaboration with the Union of Swiss Theaters, SBV), also valid for freelance guests:

(in German only)

Season 2023/24:

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Minimum fees for film (freelance artists, in German only)

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Guidelines for acting fees and buyouts for advertising productions (in German only):

(Recommendations of the associations SSFV, t., SzeneSchweiz and SSRS)

For further information contact the SzeneSchweiz office

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Salaries at ZHdK / film projects with students:

(in German only)

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Guidelines for minimal acting fees (freelance theatre) (in German, French, Italian)

We kindly refer to the guidelines provided by t. Theaterschaffen Schweiz as published in autumn 2023

On the website https://www.tpunkt.ch/richtloehne you will find two tools to help calclulating the minimal fees:

t. Calculator for recommended minimal fees and salaries

t. Budget for theatre performances


Minimal fees as recommended by the SSRS (Syndicat Suisse Romand du Spectacle)

Minimal fees and chart of tariffs respective of work experience:



Salaries VPS ASP:

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