«We don’t give acting advice, but we do give advice on labour law and social security provision.»

Minimum Salaries / Guidelines for advertising productions

Salaries for employees at theaters (established in collaboration with the Union of Swiss Theaters, SBV), also valid for freelance guests:

(in German only)

Season 2023/24:

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Minimum fees for film (freelance artists, in German only)

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Guidelines for acting fees and buyouts for advertising productions (in German only):

(Recommendations of the associations SSFV, t., SzeneSchweiz and SSRS)

For further information contact the SzeneSchweiz office

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Salaries at ZHdK / film projects with students:

(in German only)

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Guidelines for minimal acting fees (freelance theatre)

We kindly refer to the guidelines provided by t. Theaterschaffen Schweiz.
This document is currently under revision. A new version will be available in 2023.

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Minimal fees as recommended by the SSRS (Syndicat Suisse Romand du Spectacle)

Minimal fees and chart of tariffs respective of work experience:



Salaries VPS ASP:

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