«We don’t sell seats, but we stand up for our profession.»

Further training for members

SzeneSchweiz supports further training of its members according to the following specifications:


1. CHF 100 per member for individual training

Once again, we support our members this year by offering a further CHF 100 worth of individual training, provided that it is related to your career. To process the rebate please send us details of your enrolled training, once confirmed we will then transfer the CHF 100 to your account.


2. Stay tuned – individual coaching in cooperation with KULTURMARKT

A new offer for all permanent and freelance SzeneSchweiz members who are NOT registered with the RAV.

CHF 200 per member per year for individual coaching with KULTURMARKT.

thumbnail of E_Kulturmarkt_SBKV Stay tuned SZeneC E Nov. 2023


3. Training with accompanists for singers (not registered as unemployed)

CHF 200 per member per year for training with accompanists.

Singers have a noble duty to keep their voices well trained; we offer a special one-time support of CHF 200. Be it for an audition or a forthcoming engagement: Four  accompanists are available in Basel and Zurich (CHF80/hour):

Zurich: Yulia Levin, e-Mail: yulia@levin.ca, Tel: 079 962 52 09

Zurich: Anna Hauner, e-mail: anna.hauner@icloud.com, Tel: 078 753 02 51

Basel: Iryna Krasnovska, e-mail: i.krasnovska@theater-basel.ch, Tel: 076 593 21 33

Basel: Leonid Maximov, e-mail: leomax@gmx.ch, Tel. 061 311 55 19

St. Gallen: Roxana Ionescu-Beck, e-mail: roxxa4@yahoo.com

St. Gallen: Miho Tanaka, e-mail: mihotanaka84@gmail.com


These offers may be requested once a year and cannot be combined with each other. One offer per member and year.

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