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Pension fund for freelance artists, CAST

Freelance and self-employed artists should also take care of their occupational retirement provision in a timely manner. You have the option of voluntarily joining a pension fund.

In the case of freelance employees, the various employers are obligated to pay an employer’s contribution under certain conditions. Self-employed persons pay both employee and employer contributions.

The pension plans offer a retirement pension as a supplement to the AHV or the payment of the accumulated retirement capital at the time of retirement; in the event of death, a pension for the spouse or life partner and children.

In the case of disability, they offer a disability pension in addition to the IV, together with child disability benefits and the continuation of the saving process up to the AHV retirement age.

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CAST Charles Apothéloz-Foundation

The Charles Apothéloz-Stiftung  was founded in 1984 by the Swiss Stage Artists’ Association, SBKV.  t. Theaterschaffen Schweiz, the Swiss Musicians Association SMV, Action Swiss Music, the Association of Artists – Theater – Promoters KTV and Visarte – Visual Arts Association Switzerland are now co-members of the foundation.

The CAST foundation enables artists to build up a pension and to insure themselves against the risks of death and disability.

On the one hand, freelance and self-employed artists can insure themselves from amongst the field of member associations, and on the other hand, employers can also insure their employees at CAST.

The CAST foundation is supported by an annual contribution from the Social Fund Audiovision of SWISSPERFORM. This contribution is used for measures to improve, directly or indirectly, the pension provisions of persons engaged in the cultural sector.


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