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verband fairline®
c/o fairsicherungsberatung ag
Holzikofenweg 22 /
Postfach 6058
3001 Bern
Tel: 031 378 10 14

Discounted short-term disability and accident insurance for freelance SzeneSchweiz members

SzeneSchweiz is now a member of the fairline® association. This means that all SzeneSchweiz members have the opportunity to choose a reasonable contract solution for short-term disability/illness and accident insurance through fairline®.

The minimum premium of CHF 500.00 (1) is low and attractive even for members who only want to cover a low annual income.

The maximum duration of insured sick days per case is 730 days.

There is no minimum insurance sum, but a maximum insured amount of CHF 250,000.00.

Insurance coverage is extended to prospective insurance policy holders only after having completed a health check. The premium rates are neither dependent on gender, occupation nor age and are currently (2):

Waiting period 14 days 2.704% of the insured annual salary
Waiting period 30 days 1.769% of the insured annual salary
Waiting period 60 days 1.207% of the insured annual salary
Waiting period 90 days 1.001% of the insured annual salary

Insurance coverage can be purchased in the following manner:

  1. Send us an email to info@szeneschweiz.ch
  2.  We will provide you with the application and the health questionnaire.
  3. Send the completed and signed documents with a copy of your membership card to the following address:
    verband fairline®
    c/o fairsicherungsberatung ag
    Postfach 6058
    3001 Bern

(1) Payment of the premiums in installments is generally possible, however the minimum rate is CHF 500.00.
(2 ) As of November 2015


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