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Loans for SBKV members in need during corona crisis

Dear members,

We advise all artists whose shows have been cancelled and who have no income for the following months to contact your local RAV for unemployment pay.

In order to help out our freelance members quickly, however, the board of the SBKV has decided to raise total sum of CHF 50’000 for loans.

SBKV members who are in financial need due to cancelled productions may apply for a single loan with no interest of max CHF 1’000.

Please send your application to sbkv@sbkv.com.

Your application should include a listing of the loss of your pay and the cancelled shows should be documented.

Also, do not forget your name, address and bank details.

Once the SBKV has transferred the loan to you, you may pay it back within one year. In extraordinary cases, the date of back-payment may be extended.

We are aware of the fact that a loan of CHF 1’000 might not suffice to save existances. But we do hope that it is a little support during rough times.

Stay safe and warm regards,

Salva Leutenegger

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