«We don’t give acting advice, but we do give advice on labour law and social security provision.»

SBKV Code of Conduct

Have you, while working as an artist, ever been discriminated, sexually harassed or bullied? If so, then you are unfortunately not alone. The SBKV regularly receives complaints of sexual harassment or bullying during castings, rehearsals, on film sets etc. This is why we have developped a Code of Conduct including a Best-Practice-Guide to the case of an incident.

Harassment includes any discriminatory, offensive, intimidating, or hostile behaviour. It is a behaviour that disturbs artistic creation, causes stress, anxiety or illness in the person being harassed and / or sexualises the workplace. Discrimination based on age, sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief or harassment of a sexual nature is unlawful and may result in legal action for those responsible, including criminal proceedings.

These anti-harassment, bullying and discrimination policies are intended to guide both freelance and permanent artists, as well as their employers on stage, freelance productions, film and TV / radio. We consider it an indispensable responsibility of all supervisors, directors, managers, human resource managers and artistic directors of the respective cultural organizations to ensure that these guidelines are adhered to and clearly communicated to all participants.

Please find the full leaflet as well as the guidelines here.

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